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  • 商品名称: Solder Paste(HSF)
  • 英文名称: Solder Paste(HSF)
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        Solder paste products by melting points: high temperature solder paste (melting temperature above 230 ℃), the WenXi cream (200 ℃ -- 200 ℃), solder paste at room temperature (180 ℃ -- 200 ℃), low temperature solder paste (below 180 ℃); According to the active points: R (weak) activity, the RMA (active), RA (active), SRA (active); According to the cleaning method: organic solvent cleaning, water cleaning, half water to clean, no clean. Environmental protection products comply with European Union RoHS2.0 and REACH regulation. It can also be used to meet customer requirements of halogen free.
         Advantages: 8 hours of continuous and stable printing sex collapse, good printing performance of micro spacing, low residual, electrical performance with high reliability.


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