• 商品名称: Solder Bar(HSF)
  • 英文名称: Solder Bar(HSF)
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      Product categories include: low temperature solder article (solid temperature below 200 ℃), the article WenXi (solid temperature 200 ℃ to 250 ℃), high temperature solder article (working temperature 400 ℃ to 520 ℃), silver tin, antioxidant article tin, tin die casting, etc. Bar, bar, spindle shape, spherical, etc.
      Applicable to lead-free manufacturing manual dip soldering, wave soldering process, suitable for navigation and military products. Environmental protection products comply with European Union RoHS2.0 and REACH regulation.
      Product advantage: high purity, good liquidity, good wettability, antioxidant, time is long, bright spot, less slag hole, climbing ability of excellence.

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